Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's been a while....

Well, I certainly haven't been the best at keeping things up to date here have I?

I do apologize. Back in late April, early May, my mother, who was 58 and had been battling ovarian cancer for nearly 6 years, took a turn for the worse. I went down to North Carolina and took care of her for nearly the last month of her life and was with her when she died. It was life altering to say the least, and I havent recovered well from it. I had more special moments in those few short weeks with her than I had my entire life time and they affected me much more deeply than I ever imagined.

Since then, I have found it hard to keep up with alot of my day to day things...though my birds and my babies never lack. On the day that my mother died, I got a very special gift. I have a pair of conures...Jack, who is a normal green cheek conure and his little gal Abby, who is a cinnamon green cheek. They had made several attempts at having clutches, but none successful to that date. When I left for North Carolina, Abby was again sitting on eggs.

My daughter, bless her heart, was tasked with keeping up with my birds, as many were on eggs at the time. I wasnt overly concerned though, with Jack and Abby, as they had yet to have a successful hatch. Many fertiles indeed, but the airpockets were always in the wrong places and they never made it to hatching.

Imagine my surprise when my daughter informed me that they had a successful hatch the day that my mother died. We are now the proud human parents of Graham, a combination of the names Granny and mama....and he will be a life long baby for us! He is a normal looking male split to cinnamon, though I dont know if he will ever be paired up as he now holds an extremely important place in my heart.

There is an old saying that says with every death, a new life begins....well Graham was our new life and for that he will always be my special little boy!

Till next time....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Hello All! It has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days and originally it was supposed to be today as well...a day that many breeders look forward to annually...the Mount Forest Spring Sale/Buy/Trade show. However, Mother Nature decided it wasnt to be this spring, and it was a total wash for us! It was quite frustrating to drive over two hours just to turn around and come back... but, there is always the fall!

We have good looks as if we have found a mate for our white eared conure. It appears that the Emma's sub-species is extremely rare through out North America. So I am feeling quite lucky to have what I have. It wont be until next year that we can even consider our pair breeding, as the female is only a few months old. But this gives us something to look forward to late next year! :)

We are still waiting for many of our pairs to cooperate and go to nest! LOL! It is fun watching the busy little ones going in and out of their nest boxes, some staying there, some not. So hopefully over the next few weeks we may have some new clutches coming for us!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer if the sun would just spend more time out rather than behind the clouds, it will be perfect!

Until next time....

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's been a busy few months!

Our sweet as pie cinnamon female and her new love!
Some of the pineapples and crimsons we are currently handfeeding!

Mango the Jenday we are handfeeding!
Hello sorry that I have been missing the last two months, but boy...what a difference two months makes! We have had seven new babies of our own hatch out and are now hand feeding them. We also acquired several crimson bellied babies that are being handfed as well..two of which are almost weaned. We have also been hand feeding quite a few babies for Feathered Imps Aviary and have had such a wonderful time doing so. Busy work of course! But loving it nonetheless!

We have also got a few new young pairs that will produce for us next year. We have a beautiful yellowside/cinnamon male that we have paired up with a young cinammon female of ours. We also acquired our second crimson bellied female who is paired up with a lone male we had. So we now have two pairs! Hopefully with spring here, they will be ready to soon go to nest and give us some babies of our own!

We have also acquired a mature White Eared Emma's conure male. We are quite excited as these are very rare conures here in Canada. Trust me on we are having a dickens of a time trying to find a female! LOL! The past known breeders of these beauties are no longer breeding them, so it has been quite a struggle to find them. As members of the painted conure family, they are the size of green cheek conures and are FULL of beautiful wine and blue color feathers. They are also the only white eared conures which have the white rings around their eyes! So we are hoping to soon find a female so that we may work on increasing the population of these beauties here in Canada.

We have also added a new little split to blue male and are looking forward to the arrival of a little female soon to pair him up with. We are quite anxious for our mature split to blues to start producing! Keeping our fingers crossed.

Until next time...happy birding!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The beginning...sort of!

Hello all and welcome to my blog! I figured that I have so many daily events happening that maybe it would be easier to do a blog rather than trying to update my website daily!

As I begin this blog, I will give you a basis as to where we are right now. We currently have 15 babies...5 yellowsideds (of which the two males are sold and a female that is on hold, leaving three to still find new homes); 5 rosifrons (rose-fronted conures) of which breeders can tell you the rarity of these spectacular members of the painted conure family. We will be keeping one and most likely selling the other three; We have one little cinnamon female that will be staying on with us as well as a fiery shoulder female baby who will also be staying on with us, both for future breeding.

We have three new babies that we are anxiously awaiting to grow so that we may have them sexed. There is a strong possibility that they are either cinnamons or pineapples? We also have a clutch of six fiery shoulder conures just starting to as you an tell things are quite busy here!

I am going to take advantage of this blog area to keep you posted more frequently of the daily events happening!!!

Until to you and your winged ones!