Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Hello All! It has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days and originally it was supposed to be today as well...a day that many breeders look forward to annually...the Mount Forest Spring Sale/Buy/Trade show. However, Mother Nature decided it wasnt to be this spring, and it was a total wash for us! It was quite frustrating to drive over two hours just to turn around and come back... but, there is always the fall!

We have good looks as if we have found a mate for our white eared conure. It appears that the Emma's sub-species is extremely rare through out North America. So I am feeling quite lucky to have what I have. It wont be until next year that we can even consider our pair breeding, as the female is only a few months old. But this gives us something to look forward to late next year! :)

We are still waiting for many of our pairs to cooperate and go to nest! LOL! It is fun watching the busy little ones going in and out of their nest boxes, some staying there, some not. So hopefully over the next few weeks we may have some new clutches coming for us!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer if the sun would just spend more time out rather than behind the clouds, it will be perfect!

Until next time....

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