Monday, April 20, 2009

It's been a busy few months!

Our sweet as pie cinnamon female and her new love!
Some of the pineapples and crimsons we are currently handfeeding!

Mango the Jenday we are handfeeding!
Hello sorry that I have been missing the last two months, but boy...what a difference two months makes! We have had seven new babies of our own hatch out and are now hand feeding them. We also acquired several crimson bellied babies that are being handfed as well..two of which are almost weaned. We have also been hand feeding quite a few babies for Feathered Imps Aviary and have had such a wonderful time doing so. Busy work of course! But loving it nonetheless!

We have also got a few new young pairs that will produce for us next year. We have a beautiful yellowside/cinnamon male that we have paired up with a young cinammon female of ours. We also acquired our second crimson bellied female who is paired up with a lone male we had. So we now have two pairs! Hopefully with spring here, they will be ready to soon go to nest and give us some babies of our own!

We have also acquired a mature White Eared Emma's conure male. We are quite excited as these are very rare conures here in Canada. Trust me on we are having a dickens of a time trying to find a female! LOL! The past known breeders of these beauties are no longer breeding them, so it has been quite a struggle to find them. As members of the painted conure family, they are the size of green cheek conures and are FULL of beautiful wine and blue color feathers. They are also the only white eared conures which have the white rings around their eyes! So we are hoping to soon find a female so that we may work on increasing the population of these beauties here in Canada.

We have also added a new little split to blue male and are looking forward to the arrival of a little female soon to pair him up with. We are quite anxious for our mature split to blues to start producing! Keeping our fingers crossed.

Until next time...happy birding!!!

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